Publication Policy


The Journal for Indian Researchers in association with the members of various schools of law, across India, presents its online law Journal. The Journal for Indian Researchers is dedicated to advancing the study of national, international, and other important issues of law in their wider sense. Requesting bi-monthly precise articles, short-articles, and research papers in any field of law from scholars, law students, law professors, judges, and people from related fields, such as mass communication and journalism, public administration, and political science, the Journal purposes to deliver a critical examination of present issues, the debates and the universal trends that have immense impact on the field of law.



“The Journal for Indian Researchers(TJIR)” does not restrict itself to any specific area of law. Hence, the Journal welcomes articles, short-articles, and research papers from all legal branches or related branches, as long as the work is relevant, plagiarism free and up to date. Contributors may send their articles on any topic relating to Law.


A short abstract of 250-300 words that outlines the main questions or themes addressed in the paper is required to be sent along with the article.


  • Short-Articles: (1500-2000 words, inclusive of footnotes)
  • Articles: (2500-3000 words, inclusive of footnotes)
  • Research Papers: (4000-5000 words, inclusive of footnotes)


A maximum of one co-author is permitted. Submissions more than one co-author shall be disqualified.


Uniform Style of Citation should be adhered to. The method of citation which is expected to be followed is Harvard Bluebook 19th Edition.


Times New Roman font, in font size 12 is prescribed for all articles. Further, the footnotes shall be in font size 10 and in the Times New Roman font. A line spacing of 1.5 for the main text and 1.0 for the footnotes is to be followed. All articles are to be sent in either doc. or docx format. Note any submission in pdf form shall not be accepted.


Headings and sub-headings: All Capitals and Bold (Times New Roman font, in font size 14)


All articles being submitted are to be sent along with a duly filled Undertaking, the format for which is available on our website under More Tab on the top of the website. The duly filed Undertaking has to be sent on the email address mentioned below.

NOTE: The Journal for Indian Researchers (TJIR) shall retain all copyright arising out of any publications. Only the moral rights shall vest with the author.



· Two or more members of the editorial board will evaluate each submission and either admit or discard the paper for additional evaluations. In case of any confusion the Publishing Board will also evaluate the submission. Submissions may be preliminarily rejected without complete evaluation if the topic does not appropriate the purposes of the journal as provided in the Guidelines for Authors. On approval, authors may receive proposals from Editors on alterations to be integrated before subjecting the paper to obligatory peer review.

· Two or more peer-reviewers with expertise in the subject matter will provide detailed opinion on submissions that have cleared the first stage of evaluation. Publication in the Journal will be depending on including these changes within the given time limit.

· One Editor will evaluate the paper for citation, spelling and grammar errors with feedback on regularity in style and tone, which will be sent back to the Author for corroboration before going to publication.


Publication fee is nil. But, however, selected research papers/articles have to pay the processing charges as mentioned below: 

1.) FOR LAW STUDENTS: 500 Rs (In case of law students processing fee will remain same whether you are submitting as a single author or as co-authors). 

2.) FOR ADVOCATES, LAW PROFESSORS, RESEARCH SCHOLARS & JUDGES: 750 Rs (In case of advocates, law professors, research scholars & judges processing fee will remain same whether you are submitting as a single author or as co-authors).

Note: No hardcopy of published articles/research papers will be provided. Only a soft copy of certificate of publication will be emailed. 


The Journal for Indian Researchers is a self-supporting organisation and it does not receive any kind of monetary relief from any Public or Private Institution or Governmental Agency. All the required expenses of the Journal are supported by the processing charges received from the concerned authors.

Note: Processing Charges are applicable only to those authors whose submission is reviewed and shortlisted by the editorial board for its publication. Processing shall be paid only after such confirmation. 


All articles are to be mailed at with the Subject: “Call for Papers” for any further details or queries, a mail can be sent to


· The articles/short-articles/research-papers published elsewhere or selected/submitted for publication elsewhere shall be disqualified.

· The name of the author(s) should not be mentioned anywhere in the article/short-article/research-paper.

· The Journal for Indian Researchers (TJIR) owns the right to discard entries which do not obey to the Guidelines For Submission.

· The Journal for Indian Researchers (TJIR) reserves the absolute rights to cancel, defer, or postpone indefinitely, the publication of research papers in the event of the accruing of any event, natural or man-made (note in case of cancellation of publication of research papers the registration fee will be refunded).